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Лорд Керзон о превосходстве русской администрации

У нас среди интеллигенции - в разговорах и в публицистике, - c незапамятных времен повелось принижать русскую администрацию и ставить ей в пример государственную политику «передовых западных держав», особенно Англии, как более умную, гибкую etc. А не угодно ли услышать обратное мнение? Всем известный, благодаря пресловутому ультиматуму, лорд Керзон, вице-король Индии, министр иностранных дел, пишет в своей книге, посвященной колониальной политике России и Англии:

“Russia unquestionably possesses a remarkable gift for enlisting the allegiance and attracting even the friendship of those whom she has subdued by force of arms <…> The extreme frankness and amiability of Russian manners cover a genuine bonhomie (добродушие) and good-humoured insouciance (беззаботность), which render it easy for them to make friends and which disarm the suspicion even of a beaten foe. The Russian fraternises in the true sense of the word <…> he does not shrink from entering into social and domestic relations with alien or inferior races”. (Это в разделе, озаглавленном не как-нибудь, а “Popularity of Russia”).

Далее: “A remarkable feature of the Russification of Central Asia is the employment given by the conqueror to her former opponents on the field of battle. I mentioned in an earlier chapter the spectacle of which I was a witness at Baku, where the four Khans of Merv were assembled in Russian uniform to greet the Czar. This is but a casual illustration of a method that Russia has consistently employed, and which is a branch of the larger theory of Massacre followed by Embraces that was so candidly avowed by Skobeleff. The chiefs are sent to St. Petersburg to excite their wonderment, and are covered with decorations to gratify their vanity. When they come back they are confirmed in their posts or offices, and are presently rewarded with an increased prerogative. Their small number is, of course, a reason why they may be so employed with impunity. The English have never shown a capacity to avail themselves of the services of their former enemies on a similar scale”.

И затем он восхваляет разумную толерантность русского правительства в религиозных делах, противопоставляя ей опрометчивую политику англиканской церкви, “which aspires to create converts almost before it has made citizens!”

Итог подводит такой: “Such, broadly speaking, have been the means by which Russia has gained her position, and having gained it, has made it secure: namely, overwhelming military superiority; a resolute policy; the gift of material advantages; equable and tolerant administration; personal popularity; and a calculating prudence. Let me add thereto that, in the process, the conquerors have exhibited qualities of a very high order, commanding respect and admiration”.

Curzon,George N. Russia In Central Asia In 1889 and the Anglo-Russian Question. Longmans Green And Company. 1889. С. 388-395.

Понимаю, что мнение Керзона о превосходстве русской администрации будет против шерсти многим, в том числе либеральным совкам, но ничего не поделаешь).

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